Get The Yellow Out with Dr. Catrise Austin!

Our Teeth Whitening Treatment is recommended for clients with mild and moderate tooth discolorations. We use the highest formula of hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to give you your whitest smile possible. Results may vary depending on the severity of your tooth discoloration.

See if you're a candidate for our Teeth Whitening Services at no obligation.

New York: Tuesdays and Fridays 11 am-6 pm; Flint: Sundays 11 am-6 pm

*You will have to opportunity to book the next available date once we review your teeth whitening application and determine if you are a candidate for teeth whitening*

***Choose from 1 of 2 Locations, New York, NY. or Flint, Mi***

Once your application has been reviewed, we will recommend the best Teeth Whitening Options to give you the brightest smile.

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Here's What Our Clients Think of Their New White Smile by Dr. Catrise Austin

Meet Dr. Catrise Austin

Dr. Catrise Austin continues to build a reputation as one of dentistry’s most influential dentists in America. 

She has been regularly featured on local and national tv networks shows including NBC’s Today Show, ABC, and even TMZ sharing cosmetic dentistry tips from both of her #1 international bestseller books, “GetSmiled” and “The Ultimate Guide To Charcoal Teeth Whitening”. 

As a professional speaker, she’s been a featured speaker at Coca-Cola, Stanford, and Howard Universities to name a few. 

Dental Products Report Magazine voted her as one of the “Top 25 Women In Dentistry” and The Kleer company deservingly named Dr. Austin as a “2018 Dental Influencer” as her social media presence as a dentistry expert and personality is quickly growing and so are her loyal followers.